Morocco, Ourika Valley excursion

The Ourika valley is located in the heart of the Atlas and is one of the main tourist destinations from Marrakech. It’s one of the most beautiful valleys in the kingdom, rich in history, culture, arts and crafts, cuisine and lush landscapes. The valley spreads from the foothills of the high Atlas and its Dar Kaid L’Ouriki olive grove to the village of Siti Fata. After crossing a first olive grove – Rhemate- the road sinks into the mountains following the Ourika Oued. The brown village roofs will merge with the clayey surroundings. From Arhalou on, the steeply sided valley will take us to Siti Fatma. 1500 meters high; this is a very picturesque village surrounded by walnut trees and weeping willows. You’ll be able to mountain climb through walnut and cherry trees with a guide.

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  1. Sylvie et JM C.24 août, 2010 21:29

    Une très belle journée où l'altitude nous a permis d'échapper à la fournaise de Marrakech ( forcément au mois d'aout). Une belle ballade jusqu'à la 5ème cascade . Merci à Ali ( guide de montagne et ami de Khalid)pour son professionnalisme...notre fille de 7 ans à marché et grimpé plus de 2h30 sans raler !!!