Morocco, Excursion to Essaouira: 25° C all year around!!!

180 kms ( +/- 110 miles) between Marrakech and Essaouira: discover the western plain of Haouz, rich with olive and apricot trees and vines. This area is also famous for its green melons which we call SOUIHLA which is also the name of the area when leaving Marrakech.

As one leaves the plain of Haouz , discover a very arid and semi deserted landscape: the Chichaoua plain known of old as ‘the sugar cane plain’.

This plain is one of the main reasons for Essaouira being built here. And then the Chiyadma plain where you’ll admire the Arganier forest. These wild trees are unique and only to be found in Morocco and Mexico and have been declared as heritage.

The town of Essaouira is built on a rocky peninsula. Broom and mimosa were planted so as to fix and retain the dunes. The ancient Mogador will surprise you by its remoteness, overlooking the white and bright city.
The whitewashed façades, doors and windows absorb the sky’s lights and the Araucarias tower up their strange looking chandelier silhouettes. Or the city will appear in shades of pink at sun set. The rigorously carved round shaped ramparts will stand out on the horizon enlivened by flowers beds.
Essaouira has kept its very old Mediterranean trading post cachet.

NB: If you wish to spend a few days in Essaouira I can find you accommodation and for a few Euros more, staff to cook and keep for you.

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  1. Dear Khalid,
    I felt I had to write to you to thank you so much for
    the most AMAZING tour you took us on upto the Mountains earlier in the week.
    Despite dreadful weather and my lack of suitable walking gear I have come back home with images I will never forget.
    This trip really takes you to into the very heart of the Berber lifestyle, leaving one totally in awe and somewhat overwhelmed by what is indeed a very difficult way of life. For all that the warmth of the people themselves and the peace and tranquility that envelopes you is just magic.
    Thank you Khalid for all your knowledge
    Thank you Khalid for opening my eyes to myself and all around me.
    Best wishes
    Sue Pannell and Bruce Degnan
    Sent from my iPadSusan Pannell

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