Morocco, Excursion to Demnate Ouzoud…

Leaving Marrakech by the north, we’ll cross the palm grove leading to the Haouz plain covered by Olive trees, turn right on the road to the village of Sidi Rahal to reach the city of Demnate Ouzoud on the foothills of the high central Atlas mountains which was a an important trading spot between North and South. It is well known today for its pottery and high quality olive oil. On leaving the city the road climbs and offers a beautiful sight before dipping into the trees on a cliff. Going up the Masseur Oued valley and at a turn of the road you’ll discover the natural Imini-Ifri arch. Then we’ll return to Demnate and head towards Ouzoud where you’ll discover beautiful 100 meters high water chutes which are one of the most exceptional natural sights in the Atlas.

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