Morocco, Asni Ouirgane excursion

At 1500 meters of altitude, the Asni valley is a beautiful mountain site, lush with fruit trees and not far from Jbel Toukbal 75 km from Marakkech. As one follows a deep and 17 km long valley, we’ll reach at the foothills of a huge 3000 meters high massif from which soars mount Toukba at 4167 meters. This is the highest peak in North Africa and the second highest on the continent. At the foothills the rock is of a dark colour, without any vegetation or glaciers; you’ll simply find firn. Two oueds meet ( Ait Mizane and Imlil) and make up the Rhirhaya oued. Imlil village (1740 meters) welcomes hikers and provide guides and mules.

We suggest either a hike or mule-trekking with a meal as a paying guest on the way.
Important: This excursion is best done on Berber Souk days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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